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Excellence in Teaching Award

CAMERON KNIGHT receives the

Excellence in Teaching Award, UNCSA

In his philosophy of teaching statement, Knight says, “I believe actors perform their best work when they are empowered and confident. I pursue this distinction for the students by having them approach their work as professionals, identifying and fine-tuning their technique  ̶  as opposed to a student, thinking once they acquire these skills, they will then become an actor. Allowing them to find their voice in a subjective art form is crucial to developing actors that are risk-takers, leaders and dynamic in whatever medium they decide to pursue.”

A student who nominated Knight wrote of his devotion: “Cameron makes every room he is in a safer and more inclusive space. In his teaching and directing, he offers enthusiasm as well as professionalism that is inspiring and makes everyone in the room want to do their best. I have felt the most free to grow as an artist in spaces he is in. I feel seen and heard by him.”